The LeanBoard is the brainchild of a group of longboarding enthusiasts who dreamed of the perfect longboard; a board with carving trucks that can support big wheels while still having a low center of gravity. When no such board existed, the team decided to create it themselves. After three years and numerous prototypes, the patented radical high-performance trucks ofLeanBoards were born.


CEO and primary engineer, Enzo Shinde, had just arrived in California from Mumbai, India in 2008 when he came across his first longboard. Enzo got hooked right away and soon started to look for ways to improve the ride. When he found that bigger wheels made the ride smoother but threw off the center of gravity, he decided to put the engineering degree he was pursuing to work by creating the perfect trucks.

Enzo soon found other like-minded longboarding fans to join his team and his quest for the perfect carving and cruising board. It took over three years of research, development, testing, and re-tooling before they created and validated the big wheeled board with spring-loaded trucks, and parallelogram-linkage mechanism that you see today.

To get the revolutionary new product into production and the hands of other longboarding fans, the LeanBoard team launched a Kickstarter campaign in May 2016. LeanBoard quickly met and surpassed their goal, and in the process built up a following that was hungry to try out the longboard that cuts like a snowboard.

As supporters started to receive their boards, positive messages and reviews began to flow in. New and experienced skaters were blown away by the power, control, stability, and responsiveness of the radical new design.

In an effort to broaden LeanBoard’s exposure, the team decided to attend the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach in 2017. Totally by chance, Enzo was wandering around the convention center with a LeanBoard, when Alex Breton (CEO) and Jerry Madrid (Owner & Skateboarding Legend) of Madrid Skateboards, called Enzo over to their booth so they could take a look at the board. They were so impressed with the design that even though Madrid was not taking new clients, they asked ifLeanBoard would be interested in having Madrid manufacture their boards. Enzo and the team enthusiastically agreed, and have partnered with Madrid on all their deck manufacturing since.


Expect continual innovation and creativity. We have lots of cool products in the works, so please join our mailing list, connect with us on social, and check back here to be the first in your hood with the latest LeanBoard goods.